Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The War Against ALT Media Goes Hot

The mainstream media is at war with the ALT media, this has been this way for years, I know personally, because I have been heavily involved in the ALT media, since its early days of inception, something I am incredibly proud of, as I have watched it balloon in size and rise to be the dominating force that it is today.

Throughout this entire time period, the Mainstream media, lamestream media, dinosaur media (pick the name you want to use and insert it here), has kicked and screamed, and doubled down on what has resulted in their rapid decline. Which has been their greed and their williness to sell their souls to the highest bidder. Utterly disregarding their journalistic integrity.

I watched as the MSM attempted to flag mine and others articles on Zero Hedge and Gold Silver Liberty, as #FakeNews, which spectacularly blew up in their faces. I watched as they ate their own words and regretted their actions, rightfully being labelled by Donald Trump as the REAL fake news.

We have had many victories in this battle, but now the war is about to enter into a whole new stage, moving away from the cold war status and not only going hot, but nuclear.

Long has it been known that the internet media monopolies, such as Google, Twitter and Facebook, lean far left. They showed their hands, as did the Legacy media during the elections, where they cast off the illusion of the "hands off" approach and openly backed Hillary Clinton in the election, pledging their allegiance to the left forever.

Now, they are entering into combat and going after conservative websites, attacking their domain registars and forcing them to take down website after website.

In addition to this, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are all censoring, or flat out banning conservatives who DARE to voice their opinions too loudly.

Luckily, we have a few champions in the cause, namely, Minds and BitChute.

These rising stars in what is being labelled as "ALT social media", have started to rise and are gaining traction, just as I previously predicted they would, due to the free market exerting itself over the stifling, controlling, monopolistic system that is currently in place.

Therefore, it came as no surprsie to me, to learn that these sites too are now finding themselves under pressure, and are learning that similar tactics that have found recent success are being deployed against them., in particular has been especially vocal in their fight for free speech and have been very critical of monopilstic three.

As a result of this, they have found themselves under attack. This attack took shape via its domain registar targeting the entire website, because of what ONE user posted, a rediculous notion and a standard that would NEVER be applied to Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.

Andrew Torba, the founder of Gab, fought back against this oppression, but was forced to ask that the post be removed, to protect the entirety of the userbase, and the website that he fought so hard to build.

This outraged many of the users, as they cried in dismay, stating that Andrew caved and gave in to the demands.

But this was far from the case, as we would quickly learn, Torba immediately began canvasing his userbase, looking for solutions to this problem.

It is unknown what will come next, as this fight continues on. Solutions need to be found and the userbase of these rising stars in the ALT social media space need to lend their aid, and help however they can and in anyway possible. The stakes are simply too high.

But what you must remember, is that this is war. Some battles are won and some are lost. What is ultimately most important is that you live to fight another day as did and carry on the battle, because the war is not ultimately lost, until you are bloody, battered, broken and dead. Fight on, free speech and liberty are still breathing.

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