Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Digital Alchemy Unwind to Prove Just How GROSSLY UNDERVALUED Gold & Silver Truly Are

With geo-political and domestic tensions running high, Gold & Silver and Bitcoin all jump, but why do gold and silver prices get smashed back down, despite Bitcoin's relentless advances? What mega factors are driving these mysterious markets, and what can the ordinary person do to reduce risk and take care of protecting their finances?

Craig Hemke, founder and host of TF Metals Reportm, an astute observer and analyst of economic and precious metals markets, drops by Reluctant Preppers to give us a flash primer of the key drivers he watches, for clues of where gold & silver are heading next. Hemke also weighs in on successful entry and accumulation strategies for those wanting to grab a stake in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies' future growth, and why we need to watch out for government and bank regulations that could stifle this latest free market.

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