Monday, June 5, 2017

President Trumps Travel Ban Retakes Center Stage After UK Terrorist Attacks

President Trump has come out, guns blazing once again via his twitter feed and renewed his support for the recently blocked "Travel Ban". 
Supporters of him have also taken up the mantle and are rallying the base in an effort to push through the barriers that are blocking this effort from taking place.

The US courts will be held directly responsible if a terrorist attack occurs on US soil in the coming months and they know this, but seemingly could care less.

Although the "Travel Ban" is now heading to the Supreme Court, being push there by the Justice Department, it is still going to take time to be enacted, and is likely be heavily watered down in order to be more palatable to the masses, who have become completely and utterly brainwashed by the politically correct cult they have adopted. 

These recent London bridge attacks have shown once again what happens when the West lets its guard down and allows the unfettered flow of immigrants, who have nothing but a hate filled ideology in their hearts into our countries. Take heed and note that this is indeed an invading force, and one that will stop at nothing to see our way of life and culture destroyed.

Western civilization is the greatest that has ever risen and is why many in the world have climbed out of poverty, hunger and misery. We are now throwing this all away at a whim, to appease the dying, clinically insane left, who would love to see our system destroyed in a cynical fashion.

We must not allow this to occur, we must resist, we must support Donald Trump and his effort to push through and enact the Travel Ban.

We must do this, or we will fall into the dustbin of history, along with so many other, once great nations. Don't say you weren't warned.

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