Friday, June 9, 2017

China Makes Move To End The Dollar! Petro Dollar Collapse Coming?

China Now Pressuring Saudi oil exports be sold in Yuan. The Dollar Collapse is becoming a very real danger as a concerted effort to dethrone King Dollar as the world reserve currency. 

The Petro Dollar status now looks more fragile than ever. China takes aim directly at the central point of strength to our very fragile fiat currency.

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  1. The world elites, bankers,wall street, politicians, and central planners have a great deal of influence over thought control and human manipulation for continued plunder. Remaining awake is difficult because of the apathy, affluence, and hypnosis that comes from tv programming of brain waves. Wake up people. The culling of your savings and utility is nearing. Stay vigilant. Be afraid. Act wisely and position yourself as China has... Precious metals. Get out of paper. Last warnings are sounding the alert to awaken from your slumber and protect yourself...