Thursday, January 5, 2017

Obama Lashes Out Against Russia, But Who Cares?

Obama, as a last ditch slap in the face to his rival, President Vladimir Putin, has issued a storm of sanctions against Russia, expelling 35 diplomats in the process and attempting to spark a conflict between the two nations.

The left believes that Russia, through direct orders from President Putin, interfered in the US elections and propelled President Elect Donald Trump into the most coveted position of power in the world. 

This of course is utter nonsense and if it was true, the US government would of already released evidence proving their case, which they have failed to do so.

These sanctions and insults are being laughed off by Russia, and rightly so. Donald Trump, who thankfully has expressed no hostilities towards Russia, as he sees them just trying to mind their own business and rule themselves, without the global elite interference that much of the Western world now faces.

This should be praised and rejoiced, as it avoids a possible WW3 scenario and nuclear war catastrophe, an event that was on the table if Hillary Clinton took office, given her utter disdain towards Russia and its allies.

Russia knows that they just need to wait, and not even for that long. Trump takes office on January 20th and they know that these last ditch sanctions are meaningless, as they will be promptly dismissed once he takes control of the presidency.

This childish behavior should be celebrated by liberty and freedom lovers from around the world, as it reeks of desperation and despair. It shows just how far the global elites have fallen and how pathetic they have become in the process.

Still, they hold onto bastions of powers for the time being and still have great influence for the time being in countries such as Germany and France, but not for long. Those countries too are going to experience a tidal wave of change and rejection of the top down governance we have experienced for decades.

As the new year rapidly approaches, for the first time in a long time, I can say that the future looks bright indeed and the possibility of real change is in the cards. 

Let's continue on with this trend as we enter into 2017 and continue on with the good fight. Challenges we shall face, but together we have proven we can overcome them. Good work everyone and see you on the other side.