Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fox News Neil Cavuto Lashes Out at CNN! "How Does it Feel?"

The mainstream media is in full blown panic mode, as pointed out in my last article, they are being exposed for their corruption and their agenda that pushes "fake news".

This became blatantly obvious over the election cycle, as the majority of mainstream media publications and networks threw everything they had in with Hillary Clinton and thus suffered a drastic blow to their reputations when she lost.

Now, as I recently pointed out, the debacle brought to us via Buzzfeed and CNN has laid bare the level of corruption that many in the mainstream media have sunken too, and their willingness to outright lie to their viewers, in their attempt to push their narrative.

The heat they are now feeling is well deserved and the pile on they are receiving comes with the territory. They are being called out for their lies and unprofessionalism and it could possibly result in the acceleration of the network's demise.

Fox News, although very far from perfect, is at least one of the last remaining networks that attempts to present two sides of "the story". Their unwillingness to go full blown into Obama's camp and then Hillary's has garnered them much scorn and ridicule from the left.

Now, the shoe is on the other foot, and the far left leaning network CNN is the one receiving the scorn and ridicule, due to their recent failures. Which has caused Fox News Neil Cavuto to raise the following question, "How does it feel?".

For some odd reason, I think the answer is not good, not good at all. Well, to that I say the following; "too bad, so sad".