Friday, January 13, 2017

And the Reward for Best "Fake News" of the Year Goes to... CNN!

The recent debacle by the far left leaning CNN and Buzzfeed has embarrassed the Main Stream Media once again and highlighted the fact that despite the narrative that these organizations are trying to push, they are in fact the originators and pushers of fake news.

For decades now, the news has no longer been the news and has become a propaganda machine to be used against the people it is supposed to be serving. Sadly, this is just not the case, as we have once again seen that the media is bought and paid for and only attempts to push the narrative presented to them by their elite puppet masters.

The news of sexual misconduct surrounding Donald Trump, which was supposedly released by the "intelligence" community has brought CNN to its knees, and now, even other far left leaning "news" organization are attempting to distance themselves from them for their willingness to jump the shark and be a part of the "fake news" epidemic.

Unfortunately, CNN may be the most recent winner of the "fake news" reward, but is far from the only pusher. As previously stated and shown in the video below, the MSM has been engaged in this treason for decades, which has caused great death and destruction all over the world.

The fact that they are now being exposed and the people are growing sick and tired of their nonsense is heartening indeed. The fact they are attempting to turn this around and label the alternative media as the pushers of "fake news" is also humorous to watch and shows the level of desperation they have reached.

Yet, there are still untold people who are under the hypnotic spell of these pushers of evil and corruption. 

A recent major victory may of been won, and they have been exposed in the short term. But, like any dying beast, they will flail about, until their last breath. Keep up the good fight, the fight goes on, as it always has and always will.