Thursday, October 13, 2016

Surging in the Polls - Traitors, Haters and Debunked Allegations Can't Keep Donald Trump Down

(Poll Source, LA Times)

It's no news to anyone that Trump is facing some rough times. He is fighting the entire Democratic party, traitors within the ranks of the Republican party and just about the entire Main Stream Media. It is clear to both sides, that the "system" is out to discredit and smear the Trump name.

What isn't so clear, especially if all you do is watch MSM garbage, is the fact that Donald Trump cannot be brought down. This movement is bigger than Trump and the people have had enough. The lewd comments are not sticking, the recent sexual assault charges have been proven a hoax and no matter what his enemies do, his support continues to grow.

Therefore, it was no surprise to his supporters to see the recent polls come out today. After experiencing what many are calling "the greatest debate victory in history", the numbers are finally starting to trickle in and they are showing a complete and utter reversal of Hillarys momentum. The LA Times poll, one of the most accurate in former elections, has Hillary and Trump in a virtual tie.

Yet, what is more shocking, is the fact that Trump has once again, not only tied it up with Hillary in the most recent Rasmussen poll, in which just a few short days again he was trailing Hillary by 5 points. He has overtaken her and is leading 43% to 41%.

What we are seeing unfold is the collapse of the Mainstream Media, their deception and their lies. What we are seeing unfold is a true revolution, as people turn off the "boob tube" and start thinking for themselves.

The fact is, the truth is out there, the fact is, even though the Mainstream Media refuses to properly cover the Podesta email leaks (which is now in round 6), the new era of journalist are getting the message out there and it is clearly being heard by a large segment of the population.

The Mainstream media has sold its soul to the devil, they have forsaken the once sacred position they held and have gone all in for Hillary, choosing to destroy their credibility in the process. They may never recover and really, is that so bad?

- Original piece, as seen on Sprott Money