Friday, October 7, 2016

Hurricane Matthews Proves - Why "Waiting" to Prepare Could Cost You Your Life

This is a subject that is dear to heart to me. I am the father of two young children and the husband to a loving wife. I take great pride and responsibility in the fact that I am primary provider and protector of my family.

Therefore, it pains me deeply and frustrates me immensely when I see example after example of people simply not taking the appropriate steps and NOT being prepared in the "unlikely" event of disaster.

The reality is this, disasters CAN and DO happen on a much more regular basis then we would like to admit. I know this cuts into many peoples "cookie cutter" perfect world scenario and shatters the mantra of "this will never happen to me".

As the world now watches another one of these "unlikely" disasters unfolding along the coast of Florida, as Hurricane Matthews wreaks havoc, I am saddened to see that so many are not prepared and are therefore going to suffer greatly because of it.

What is most infuriating of all is the fact that ANYONE can prepare for most minor disasters simply by accumulating a small stockpile of storable food and water. Sure, this won't let you ride out the disaster like a king, but it will certainly ensure that you avoid getting killed or seriously injured attempting to raid the grocery store along with the others caught with their pants down.

This doesn't take a lot of money and can be done incrimentally over a long period of time, continuously allowing you to cycle and grow your "stash".

You can even begin by adding more and more items to your stockpile as you begin to feel satisfied with the amount of food and water you have accumulated. Items such as lighters, batteries, guns, ammunition and precious metals ALL have proved to be invaluable in a time of crisis.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven't already begun, why don't you start today? Remember, it is better to be prepared and lose nothing, than to not be prepared and risk losing everything. The choice is simple, act now.

- As seen on the Sprott Money Blog