Friday, October 21, 2016

CNN Anchors Surrounded by a Sea of Trump Supporters, Live on Air, Hilarity Ensues

In this hilarious video you witness one of the great trollings of our time. CNN is live on air, preparing their audience for the third and final debate before the presidential elections in 2016. 

Hilariously, there is not a Hillary Clinton sign, nor a supporter in sight. The network and its crew are literally surrounded by a sea of Trump signs. The looks on their faces and how uncomfortable they are is priceless.

The fact is, Trump supporters are coming out in record numbers and are incredibly enthusiastic. On the other hand, Hillary has almost no REAL support. This is what is called a suppressed voter base, and is going to one of the main reasons why she loses on November 8th.

This is no surprise to  me, as countless examples of corruption continue to mount around her and her campaign. Wikileaks and project Veritas have laid bare, for all to see, how badly the system is in need of complete and utter overhaul.

As highlighted in this video and in the series of articles I have written recently, the people are fed up with the corruption, the deceit and the lies from the their government and the MSM. A tidal wave of change is coming

The Clinton campaign has to be saying to themselves, where's Scott Foval when you need him? Watch and enjoy.

- As seen on the Sprott Money Blog