Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Both Democrats and Republicans Agree - The Vice Presidential Debate Was a KaineWreck!

Wow, I have to say, I haven't seen such a horrible debate defeat in a long time. Tim Kaine and Mike Pence squared off in one of the most anticipated VP Debates in modern history. This debate was so highly anticipated, and sought after due to the high unfavorability of both primary candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Typically, the VP debate is thought of to "not matter" and to be "inconsequential", but was not the case last night, as a massive amount of undecided voters still remains in the voting pool. Unfortunately for the Hillary Clinton campaign and for Tim Kaine, the latter was an epic disappointment.

Tim Kaine came off nervous, aggressive (in all the wrong ways) and flustered. He interrupted Mike Pence a stunning 70 times! As he constantly attempted to drown out Pence any chance he got and certainly anytime that Pence brought up anything remotely negative in regards to Hillary Clinton.

This fact was noticed by the audience in real time, pundits on both the Democratic side and the Republican side, as well as independents shook their heads in disdain as Tim Kaine crashed and burned. In fact, I am actually having an incredibly difficult time finding any article that fully defends Tim Kaine, even when looking at horribly left leaning news sites.

As the polls are showing, from both left and right dominated websites, Mike Pence won in a landslide, the general public is agreeing on this fact as poll after poll shows Pence winning by massive margins.

What is even sadder, is the fact that Mike Pence STILL won this debate, even with the incredibly biased Main Stream Media moderator agreeing with Tim Kaine on occasion, something that is a huge no-no as a moderator and with her interrupting Pence on multiple occasions, even while being talked over rudely by Tim Kaine.

Yet, in the end, it was all for naught, as Pence came off as the cool, collected champion of the debate. This win, which cannot be denied, is rewarded to Donald Trump and his running mate, at a key time when momentum is so vitally important and means everything.

- As seen on the Sprott Money Blog